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A little about us..!!

At Authors Equity, we are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration within the academic and research communities. As a leading scientific conference organizing firm, we specialize in planning, managing, and executing exceptional conferences that provide a platform for researchers, scientists, scholars, and industry professionals to share their findings, exchange ideas, and drive innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the dissemination of cutting-edge research and promote interdisciplinary collaboration through the organization of high-quality scientific conferences. We aim to create a nurturing environment where experts from various fields can come together to discuss the latest advancements, address challenges, and shape the future of their respective disciplines.

Our Expertise

With a deep understanding of the scientific landscape and extensive experience in conference management. We understand the significance of a compelling conference theme in capturing the attention and interest of potential participants. Our team of experts collaborates with the organizing committee to develop a theme that aligns with the current trends and challenges in the field, ensuring the conference is timely and relevant.

Abstract Submission and Review

We provide a user-friendly online platform for abstract submission and review, streamlining the process and ensuring a fair and efficient evaluation of scientific contributions. Our team oversees the review process, ensuring adherence to rigorous standards of scientific integrity and quality.

Program Development

We help create a dynamic and engaging scientific program that encompasses a diverse range of topics, sessions, and workshops. Our team works closely with the organizing committee to curate an agenda that reflects the latest research trends and addresses pressing issues within the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your conference hosting company provide?

We provide comprehensive conference hosting services that cover all aspects of organizing a successful event. This includes venue selection, event planning and management, registration and ticketing, marketing and promotion, speaker coordination, audiovisual setup, logistics, on-site support, and post-event evaluations. We strive to offer end-to-end solutions to ensure seamless and memorable conferences.

How experienced is your conference hosting team?

Our conference hosting team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in event management and conference organization. Our Experienceed  team have successfully hosted numerous conferences across various industries and sizes, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale international events. Our team’s expertise and attention to detail ensure that every conference we host is executed with excellence.

Can you assist with finding the right venue for my conference?

Yes, we specialize in venue selection and can help you find the perfect location for your conference. We consider factors such as capacity, accessibility, amenities, and budget to identify venues that align with your event objectives. Our team will handle the negotiations, contracts, and logistics associated with securing the venue, allowing you to focus on other conference preparations.

How do you handle conference registrations and ticketing?

We offer a streamlined and user-friendly registration and ticketing system for conferences. Our online platform enables attendees to easily register, select ticket types, and make payments securely. We provide real-time reporting and attendee management tools, allowing you to track registrations, generate attendee lists, and handle any special requirements efficiently.

Do you provide post-event evaluations and reports?

Yes, we believe in continuous improvement and learning from each conference we host. We conduct post-event evaluations to gather feedback from attendees, speakers, and stakeholders. This information helps us assess the conference’s success, identify areas for improvement, and refine our processes. We provide comprehensive post-event reports that highlight key metrics, attendee feedback, and recommendations for future conferences.